GatorNet Application

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ftn \ areafix password to use :
Would you be interested in GatorBone? (GatorNets File Bone) (yes \ no) :
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If so what is it :
Are you re-joining GatorNet y\n :

**** If you plan on using QWK file transfers for GatorNet, please sign onto
Temple of Doom BBS (click here for instant transfer) a new user
application using your BBS QWK ID name as the user name. Select "YES"
when prompted "Use the account for QWK transfers?".
This will become your QWK account name.

If you wish to use a different hub, it must receive ALL GatorNet games and echoes to qualify

If you must drop from the league for whatever reason, please put a message in the "GatorNet Sysops" echo.
If you do not have access to this message base, please send a e-mail directly to with
a subject of GatorNet

In the event your BBS becomes inactive (due to computer or ISP problems),
please let the LC and/or your hub know ASAP.